BONUS: Podcaster found guilty of culinary crime

There are some things that are just not tolerated … like ketchup on a hot dog. Geez, who knew people were so touchy about this? While I have been found guilty of this culinary crime, I am seeking to redeem myself and win a pardon in this special bonus episode.

Cori’s Doghouse

Hot dog etiquette

What are hot dogs made of?

Restaurant branding

It takes more than a sign and a catchy jingle to brand a restaurant. It takes attention to details so that the brand fulfills its promise to its customers and makes them want to come back for more.

In this episode, Amy Dennis of Nice Branding gives us a look inside what it takes to make a restaurant image successful

Nice Branding

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Food commissaries

Commissaries are where food trucks go at night, where caterers prepare meals for large crowds and where speciality food makers go to start up new businesses.

In this episode, Irene Bradley, owner of The Cooks Kitchen, tells us what it takes to make a commissary work and the challenges of running a 24-hour operation

The Cooks Kitchen

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