Dishing the dirt on restaurant composting in Nashville

More than 40 percent of the food produced in the U.S. is thrown away and goes into landfills. Much of it comes from uneaten food from restaurants or food that goes bad in our homes.

One way to reduce this problem is composting. This week we speak to Beadle Beadlecomb at Compost Nashville about how restaurants are using his service to responsibly dispose of their waste. And if you go to the Compost Nashville website, you can see a list of restaurants that use his service. If you visit one of them, consider it an opportunity to tell them thanks for what they do.

Compost Nashville

Being pampered by a private chef

Oh, how we love to be pampered. Foot rubs, massages and good food. What’s even better is when you can have that food served in your own home whenever you want – and there are no dishes to wash!

What you need is a private chef and Rahaf Amer is one of many chefs in the area who can do that for you. In this episode, she tells the story of what she does, how she does it, what she does when disaster strikes and the one dish she hopes she never has to make for a client.

Contact Chef Rahaf Amer or @rahafamer on Instagram

Food blogging for fun and profit

Most blogs are about the people who write them, but Beth Moncel’s blog makes people’s lives better and less expensive. It’s also her full time job and she earns a living doing it.

Creating a profitable food blog is hard work. It demands not only time in the kitchen, but writing skills, photography skills, social media skills, computer skills, marketing skills and a lot more. If you’re going to make money on a food blog, you have to put a lot of time into it. If you’re going to make a living doing it, you’ll need lots of work, a little good luck and maybe, just maybe you’ll be one of the few independent bloggers who can call it their career.

Beth’s blog, is called Budget Byte$ and it is loaded with recipes and information on how to make great meals while saving money. In this episode, Beth tells how she went from a microbiologist to a food blogger and what she’s had to do to make it to the big time.

Budget Byte$

Dinner and a murder

Someone has died and you notice that the person sitting next to you has a knife. Are they the murderer? What about the man in the pink suit at the next table? He looks awfully suspicious. Maybe he’ll be the one who gets his just deserts.

You’ll find out, but not until you’re a member of the clean plate club. It’s murder mystery dinner theater and sussing out clues and identifying the villain is what the fun is all about.

In this episode, you’ll meet Joe Brown, an actor and comedian who performs with a Nashville dinner theater troupe. He shares with us how guests react to a play happening all around them and how they behave when they become part of the show. It’s not pretty.

Murder Mystery Co.

Kristen Beringson is a Chopped superstar

Kristen’s head was never on the chopping block

“You’ve been chopped” is the equivalent of being voted off Survivor. You’re done. No chance to redeem yourself or to make that frittata a little more crisp.

In this episode, Kristen Beringson tells us about her experience on Chopped and says what you see is real. There is a deadline and they must hit it. There are no retakes … except the one that revealed a secret to Kristen. Listen in and learn about one of Chopped secrets.

Our second season begins Sept. 5

Hungry In Nashville starts its second season next week! We begin asking if you’re a Super Taster, then the following week we talk with a chef who appeared on Chopped and knew she had won 10 minutes before her challenger. Take a minute to listen in to learn more about the new season. See you next week!

Special bourbon-enhanced candy honors Andrew Jackson

n our last show of the season, we’ll tell you about Andy’s Candy – a collaboration between The Hermitage and Goo Goo Cluster.

If you don’t know about Goo Goo Cluster, it’s a Nashville-made candy that includes caramel, nuts nougat and nuts. This special limited edition is made of ingredients – including whiskey − that would have been available during Andrew Jackson’s lifetime.

The candy market in the U.S. is more than $12 billion. The chocolate market alone is expected to grow to $25 billion by 2025.

According to Candy Central, a wholesale candy supplier, chewing gum is the best selling candy, followed by the Hershey’s Kiss and Butterfinger candy bars. Milky Way and Starburst round out the top five.

Smart cookie: Ice cream

It’s not the fourth of July, but we can see it from here. You can have your hot dogs, burgers and apple pie, but what people really want to dive into is homemade ice cream.

You can go with a hand-crank churn or an electric one that does the same thing while you pour ice and salt into the container to keep things cold enough to freeze. Or you can do what most sane people do and buy one of those fancy ice cream machines that take the heavy labor out of it.

What you MUST have is a good ice cream base. The base makes a good dish of vanilla, but if you want to be more creative – such as adding fresh strawberries – you need the base to carry it all.

Ice cream is a combination of dairy, sugar and egg yolks. It’s pretty simple and you can vary the balance of the ingredients to suit your taste.

We’ll tell you all about ice cream in this podcast, then you can use the link on the page to get what the New York Times says is the only ice cream base you’ll ever need.

Fido and Fluffy get custom meals delivered to their door – it’s up to you to pick the right wine

Dedicated pet owners believe their companions deserve the same quality food that they enjoy … maybe better. That has spawned a new industry that creates healthy menus specifically for pets and, like companies such as Blue Apron, deliver that food directly to your home.

One of those companies is NomNomNow and last year it opened a kitchen in the Nashville area that will cater to customers in the Central and Eastern U.S.

It’s the latest addition to the $30 billion pet food market, a market that is expected to expand to $98.81 billion by 2022, according to Grand View Research, Inc.

The company says the growth comes as life expectancy around the globe increases and an older population adopts more pets. Plus the growth of specialty products like NomNomNow will encourage spending on higher quality pet meals.

In 2018, non-GMO pet foods led the clean label category with 28.8 percent of the discriminating pet food market. Clean label foods are those that do not include ingredients that some believe may be harmful.

Corn was next on the list compiled by the website Statistica with 7.8 percent. Hormones were next at 4.8 percent followed by fillers at 4.3 percent. The balance represented foods that did not have artificial ingredients.

Other trends in pet food include humanization – considering a pet as part of a family, desire for healthier foods and more pet events that give companions a chance to get out together.


Nashville gets its mellow on with new CBD cafe

If you’re in the food world and you’ve been paying attention, you’ve heard of CBD. In late May, the Nashville area will get its first CBD Café. Located in Fairview, it’s called Harvest by LabCanna and it’s very close to the fields where the company grows its own hemp for the restaurant and its East Nashville retail store.

In this episode, we sit down with Chef Daniel Davis and others at the café to learn about how it’s used in their foods, how you can cook with it at home and why three staff members are excited about working at Harvest because of the role CBD has played in their lives.

And if you haven’t heard of CBD, it’s an extract of the cannabis or hemp plants. Cannabis is also known as marijuana and it contains THC, the psychoactive drug that makes you high. CBD doesn’t give you the high, but it’s said to help with anxiety, inflammation and other maladies. The CBD taken from hemp has almost no THC.

CBD is one of the hot food ingredients of the year and Hungry In Nashville will tell you what you need to know so you can get your mellow on.