It takes hundreds, possibly thousands of people to feed us. For most of us, getting our daily food means we interact with relatively few people. At a restaurant, we’ll meet a bartender or server. The chef may pop out of the kitchen to check with guests to see how they are enjoying their meal.

When cooking for ourselves, we go to the grocery store, gather our own food, then go to the check out where we encounter the person ringing up our groceries – or maybe not if we use the self checkout. Along the way, we may get to know the produce manager or a butcher, but that’s about it.

We never see or hear about all the others who make our food possible. Hungry in Nashville will tell their stories.

I’m Jim Grinstead and I’m the voice you’ll hear on each episode. I’m also the writer and producer. If you don’t like something, I’m the one to blame.

After 40 years in journalism, I’m now able to pursue two of my favorite things – food and radio, the medium where I began my career. This podcast is not intended to be journalism, it’s just a place where people in the industry and serious foodies can hear the stories of those who make our meals possible or those who do things that I think you’ll find interesting.

My goal is to publish a new podcast on the second and fourth Thursday of the month. Shorter, “Smart Cookie” shows are on the first and third Thursdays. You can use your favorite podcast app to find a link to us on iTunes or wherever you get your podcasts. You can follow us on Facebook and be informed of new shows. Find us at @hungryinnashville.

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