The hidden world of restaurant tipping

Today we’re talking about tipping. Not cow tipping, although that could be fun, but tipping servers when you’re in a restaurant.

There are a LOT of things that happen to your tip as you pay the check. You may think it goes straight into the server’s pocket. Nope. It undergoes a lot of addition and subtraction before your server gets their share. And, if your server is the weak link in the chain, they might end up with more money than you intended.

There’s a lot to know about tipping and Amanda Graham is the person to tell us about it. If you remember her from our 2018 show on holiday parties, then you know she is a veteran of the business and colorfully welcomes you into her world.

In this episode, she tells us about campers, cleavage, why the kitchen is never wrong and who are the people who rarely get tipped, but love it when they do. I also get to play the part of a stripper, so brace yourself.

Amanda pulls back the curtain on the hidden world of tipping. You need to be 100 percent in on this one.