Smart cookie: Ice cream

It’s not the fourth of July, but we can see it from here. You can have your hot dogs, burgers and apple pie, but what people really want to dive into is homemade ice cream.

You can go with a hand-crank churn or an electric one that does the same thing while you pour ice and salt into the container to keep things cold enough to freeze. Or you can do what most sane people do and buy one of those fancy ice cream machines that take the heavy labor out of it.

What you MUST have is a good ice cream base. The base makes a good dish of vanilla, but if you want to be more creative – such as adding fresh strawberries – you need the base to carry it all.

Ice cream is a combination of dairy, sugar and egg yolks. It’s pretty simple and you can vary the balance of the ingredients to suit your taste.

We’ll tell you all about ice cream in this podcast, then you can use the link on the page to get what the New York Times says is the only ice cream base you’ll ever need.