Fido and Fluffy get custom meals delivered to their door – it’s up to you to pick the right wine

Dedicated pet owners believe their companions deserve the same quality food that they enjoy … maybe better. That has spawned a new industry that creates healthy menus specifically for pets and, like companies such as Blue Apron, deliver that food directly to your home.

One of those companies is NomNomNow and last year it opened a kitchen in the Nashville area that will cater to customers in the Central and Eastern U.S.

It’s the latest addition to the $30 billion pet food market, a market that is expected to expand to $98.81 billion by 2022, according to Grand View Research, Inc.

The company says the growth comes as life expectancy around the globe increases and an older population adopts more pets. Plus the growth of specialty products like NomNomNow will encourage spending on higher quality pet meals.

In 2018, non-GMO pet foods led the clean label category with 28.8 percent of the discriminating pet food market. Clean label foods are those that do not include ingredients that some believe may be harmful.

Corn was next on the list compiled by the website Statistica with 7.8 percent. Hormones were next at 4.8 percent followed by fillers at 4.3 percent. The balance represented foods that did not have artificial ingredients.

Other trends in pet food include humanization – considering a pet as part of a family, desire for healthier foods and more pet events that give companions a chance to get out together.