Nashville gets its mellow on with new CBD cafe

If you’re in the food world and you’ve been paying attention, you’ve heard of CBD. In late May, the Nashville area will get its first CBD Café. Located in Fairview, it’s called Harvest by LabCanna and it’s very close to the fields where the company grows its own hemp for the restaurant and its East Nashville retail store.

In this episode, we sit down with Chef Daniel Davis and others at the café to learn about how it’s used in their foods, how you can cook with it at home and why three staff members are excited about working at Harvest because of the role CBD has played in their lives.

And if you haven’t heard of CBD, it’s an extract of the cannabis or hemp plants. Cannabis is also known as marijuana and it contains THC, the psychoactive drug that makes you high. CBD doesn’t give you the high, but it’s said to help with anxiety, inflammation and other maladies. The CBD taken from hemp has almost no THC.

CBD is one of the hot food ingredients of the year and Hungry In Nashville will tell you what you need to know so you can get your mellow on.