Welcome to Smart Cookie

Hungry in Nashville has a new feature for you and it begins tomorrow. It’s called Smart Cookie and it tells you the background on all kinds of things food-related.

Each program runs about five minutes. New programs will be released on the first and third Thursdays of the month – our regular Hungry In Nashville shows remain on the second and fourth Thursdays. If it’s a five-week month, consider it a wonderful opportunity to go back and listen to one of our previous shows.

To kick things off tomorrow, you’ll learn all about curry. In coming weeks, we have programs on sausages, food processors, soybeans and how to eat a taco.

To get Smart Cookie, you don’t have to do anything. New shows will be announced on Facebook, via email or it will automatically load into your podcatcher. To make sure you know about all our new episodes, visit Hungry In Nashville dot com and sign up for the mailing list or follow us on Facebook. Just search for the Hungry In Nashville page and click to follow.

The new show is fun and I think you’ll enjoy it because, after all, you’re a smart cookie.

See you tomorrow.