An affair to remember

Experts say public spaces are the worst places for couples to break up and yet, bars and restaurants are common places for one person to tell another that the relationship is about to end.

In this Hungry In Nashville Valentine’s Day episode, you’ll hear from bartenders and servers about bad breakups they have witnessed. The stories are sad, sometimes funny and always enlightening.

So what’s the best way to break up?

Those that have researched the issue say:

Do it in person. Don’t ghost, don’t text, don’t email. Show the other person and the relationship the respect they deserve. It won’t be pleasant for either of you, but it’s the right thing to do.

Be kind. Don’t belittle the person or go through a list of things you don’t like. Be honest, but don’t belabor the reasons for your decision.

Don’t do it in public. Don’t do it at a place where you’ve shared good times together. Announcing a break up there will only tarnish the good memories  you’ve shared. If you’re breaking the news, try to do it at the other person’s home or apartment. They will feel comfortable and you can leave when you feel it is appropriate. At your place, you’re trapped until the other person decided to leave.

If you feel you need to get away after dumping someone or having been dumped, the travel website Orbitz has some suggestions.

And don’t forget we live in the days of social media. The British newspaper, The Guardian, has some ideas about the proper etiquette for breaking the news to your followers.

Then there is the question of property. Who gets to keep what, including your friends. The website Marketwatch has does and don’ts on this issue.