2019 Food Trend: Marijuana

It’s the start of a new year and that makes it time for those of in the media business to write trend stories about what’s likely to come your way in the coming year.

Spoiler alert: We’re nearly always wrong, but we like writing them and listeners like to hear them.

Marijuana appears on nearly everyone’s list of food additives for 2019. The people who put food in front of us are investing in it so you might say they are high on the idea.

There will also be anti-pop up restaurants, cheese tea and crickets.

Invest a few minutes with us and we’ll give you all the predictions along with why we’re going to be stuck with kale for another year.

Learn about cricket powder

I never thought I’d be writing about cricket powder, but here I am. It’s on the list of one of the upcoming culinary trends of 2019.

My research naturally began at CricketFlour.com which tells us, “Cricket flour is made by milling crickets, and results in a course or fine grain powder. Because cricket flour is milled from whole crickets, cricket flour provides a full nutritional profile that is high in protein, nutrients, and amino acids. Throughout our website and in the industry, often you will see the terms cricket powder or cricket flour used to refer to milled crickets.”

They are “humanely” killed by chilling them into a stasis, then flash-freezing them. They are then bound for the mill. Powder is made from whole crickets and that’s good because the idea of dissecting their little bodies for the “best” parts is a little disturbing.

Cricket protein powder is made mostly of cricket flour and some supplements. Crickets are 55-70 percent protein by weight and it takes about 5,000 crickets to make a pound of flour. With that kind of volume,  you may want to consider cricket farming. Crickets are not suitable for vegans or vegetarians.

So, if it’s flour, can you bake with it? Kinda. You have to add other flours to get so it can rise and brown like other baked goods. They say you can substitute it for regular flours, but it’s really expensive to do that. Some say it has a nutty taste. You can also buy whole crickets in case you want to put one in the icing of your cricket flour cupcake.

If you want to give it a try, you can go to CricketFlour.com and check out 16 recipes using cricket flour. If you can get past the photo of cricket nachos, you’ll find muffins, scones and other baked goods, but ala, no chocolate chirp cookies.


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