Bartenders pour shots of party tips and bad party behavior

Want to hear a story about an office party that needed two ambulances and a manager to break up a sex party? Sound great unless that party is your own and you’re the head of the company.

Laceey Mclaughlin and Amanda Graham of VIP Bartending and Events will share that story with you and give you tips about how to throw a great holiday party of your own.

Yes, it’s all fun and games until someone loses their dinner on the karaoke stage. Join us for a good time and great advice.

Our blog post: What to do if you really screw up at the office party.

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Make sure the punishment fits the crime

Your boss came into the bathroom just as you were hurling into the urinal.

You were a little too flirty with the cute guy who is your boss’s boss.

The make-out session you thought was in a deserted part of the hotel was caught on camera. It went viral on YouTube.

The first work day after the office holiday could be more painful than a hangover if you’ve misbehaved or just exhibited bad judgement. The degree of your transgression will determine the penalty you’ll pay. It may be snickers from other office workers, or it may mean a call into your boss’s office with the extra chair occupied by someone from HR.

It’s too late now, so let’s take a look at what experts say are some of your options.

It may be that you weren’t the only one who was out of line so, if the company grades on a curve, you may be considered a minor offender. You’ll have to suffer jokes from you co-workers, but those will pass. If you can pull it off, get the jump on everyone by owning your bad behavior and start the jokes about yourself. With luck, you’ll have taken the fun out of it once they realize they won’t get under your skin.

If your actions involved an individual, apologize. Don’t blame the alcohol, just straight out apologize. It won’t change what you did, but you will end points for copping to the crime.

If you’ve been really out of line, your first instinct might be to quit your job. Don’t. What may seem horrible to you may not be seen that way by others. Get the lay of the land and try to understand what trouble you’re in, if any. You can always resign later. Don’t make a mistake that may be far worse than whatever you did at the party.

On the other hand, it may be your employer’s idea that you should now spend more time with your family. An Australian law firm offered this observation:

“The legal problems that can emerge from alcohol-fueled work functions became particularly apparent when the Fair Work Commission found that an employee had been unfairly dismissed even though the employee’s behavior was seemingly abhorrent and inexcusable. In this case, the worker yelled profanities at his bosses at a work function, spoke to colleagues in a disrespectful and abusive manner, and also sexually harassed colleagues.

“In most circumstances, this conduct would easily amount to ‘serious and willful misconduct’ to justify the immediate (summary) termination of employment.

“Whilst the Commission found that the conduct had indeed occurred, it also found that the employee’s intoxication was a ‘mitigating factor’. The Commission concluded that “it is contradictory and self-defeating for an employer to require compliance with its usual standards of behavior at a function, but at the same time to allow the unlimited service of free alcohol at the function.”

“In other words, if the employer supplies unlimited alcohol at a function, it should not arbitrarily sack workers whose conduct is less than satisfactory after consuming large amounts of alcohol.”

The best thing you can do – other than stay home – is to not put yourself in a position to behave badly. Alcohol is often a factor, so if you can’t hold your liquor, stick with club soda. If you’re going to drink, limit yourself to half of what you’d usually have. It will be easy to over imbibe. Pace yourself and make sure you drink more water than booze – those trips to the bathroom will be worth it.

Lastly, don’t forget to have fun. This is a chance to relax with co-workers and get to know them as people. What you learn may surprise you. If you really don’t like the people with whom you work, then put in the required time at the party, then go someplace else and have fun there.

And if it’s one of your co-workers that misbehaves, make sure your reaction is commensurate with the crime.

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