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Who doesn’t like good food porn? And what better day is there for food porn than Thanksgiving. Well before this episode was released, food photographers were clicking away creating images that make you want to buy stuff and imagine that you can make it look as pretty as it does in the picture.

Nick Bumgardner knows all about this. He’s a Nashville area food photographer and in this episode he gives you the tricks of his trade along with tales of how he photographs burgers and beer along with some of the things used in a photo shoot you wouldn’t want to eat.

Nick Bumgardner Photography

Food Photo War — the best laugh you’ll have today

The importance of visuals

I’m a fan of the Great British Baking Show, but damn, when I watch an episode I want to go raid the nearest bakery. It’s one hour of solid food porn.

But take heart, we human beings are not the only ones subject to fall for visually tasting dishes. The Atlantic published a story in 2015 saying:

“In the mid-20th century, the Dutch biologist Nikolaas Tinbergen uncovered an odd quirk of animal behavior: Across species, the animals in his experiments seemed to prefer prettier, flashier, more attention-grabbing versions of their natural environments — ‘supernormal stimuli,’ he called them — even when those stimuli were fake. Certain types of fish, he found, would become more violent towards dummy fish whose undersides were more vibrant than the species’ usual color; mother birds would ignore their own eggs to sit on a nest of larger, more colorful imitations, or divert food from their children to feed models of chicks with brighter beaks.”

So the next time you walk past an ice cream store and just have to go in, you can blame it on nature, not nurture.

Now, before you go, you MUST watch this video — it’s the most fun you’ll have all day.

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